I want to share an experience with you all. On Hawaii we went to a hidden beach. We had to walk quite long to reach him. We had to move slowly and with awareness because there were thorns on the way, old broken trees, lava and holy places from the ancestors.

We moved quietly and with an open heart.
Because the heat was highest, everyone wanted to reach the beach soon to enjoy the fresh and clear water.

After we walked quite a long time a women passed us and said: „You are almost here. only a few steps and you can enjoy.“
This lady was a perfect guide in this moment. She gave hope and positivity.

How often someone needs guidance in his life, perhaps just a few nice words that give strength, peace, love and hope!
I learned so much from this nice situation. Perhaps we know the path and we know how far we are, but do we share and help others.

If someone is in an inheritage, like we are as a family, it is very important to hear positive results and experiences from others. But we heard a lot of very negative experiences without asking for. Only our friends from Maitri Bodh told us: „You will see, everything will get solved soon. Dada is with you all the time, holding your hand.“

You can decide what guide you are for your friends, but for a betterment of humanity and all of us, we need more smiling, positive guides, who are connected with their inner Divine and spread love, peace and hope.